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Plastic surgery

If you don`t like a certain part of your body, then Plastic Surgery Turkey Group offers you to solve this problem, change yourself and get the look of your dreams.


Dental treatment

Dental problems have a negative impact on your life, and a snow-white smile is the personification of health, is positively perceived by other people and increases your self-esteem.


Hair transplant

Plastic Surgery Turkey uses only advanced and proven methods of hair transplantation and restoration, so thousands of patients around the world trust us.


Plastic surgery

If you don`t like a certain part of your body, then Plastic Surgery Turkey Group offers you to solve this problem, change yourself and get the look of your dreams.


Dental treatment

Dental problems have a negative impact on your life, and a snow-white smile is the personification of health, is positively perceived by other people and increases your self-esteem.


Hair transplant

Plastic Surgery Turkey uses only advanced and proven methods of hair transplantation and restoration, so thousands of patients around the world trust us.

Plastic Surgery Abroad

Cosmetic surgery in Turkey with Plastic Surgery Turkey Group can be suitable for anyone.


When you contact us we will check, see and discuss the best possible options for a change with our specialist. After choosing the best treatment plan that meets your expectations, we will choose together most suitable surgery date for you.

Plastic Surgery Turkey Group undertakes the preparation of everything necessary before the surgery, all the patient needs to do is to arrive at the place.

Welcome to Turkey!

Share the information about the details of the flight with us when you buy the tickets. After that, we will be able to determine the time of transfer, accommodation, and the time of your operation, depending on the flight.

We will arrange comfortable transportation so that you can get from the airport to the hotel, and create the best conditions that will allow you to prepare yourself for the operation.

Beautify yourself in Turkey!

When you arrive in Turkey, we will take care of everything providing comfort and convenience. Upon arrival at the hospital, you will be prepared for surgery.

Our consultants will contact you throughout the entire process. If you have any questions, you can ask for help from a consultant.

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Transform Your Look with Safe and Affordable Surgery in Istanbul Discover top-notch medical treatment and transformative surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. Plastic Surgery Turkey Group offers a range of procedures, from breast augmentation to rhinoplasty, performed by skilled surgeons. We prioritize your safety and provide medical travel insurance to protect against unforeseen complications. Experience world-class care and achieve your aesthetic goals with us.



Plastic Surgery




Hair Transplant

Time Spent in TurkeyFrom 5 to 10 Days
Types of Plastic SurgeryAbdominoplasty / Liposuction / Rhinoplasty / Breast Augmentation / Breast Lift / Facelift / Buttock Augmentation
Duration of the OperationFrom 3 to 6 Hours
AnesthesiaGeneral anesthesia
Expected ResultsAfter 3 months, 70% of the final result will be visible. The final result will be visible in six months
Recovery TimeOnly 4 weeks! After a week, the patient can return to normal life


Plastic Surgery Turkey Group has all the necessary certificates, which allows the highest quality service in accordance with all international medical standards.

PST group private health tourism
member of istanbul Chamber of Commerce
Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health
travel agency business certificate

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Regard Hotel Istanbul

Regard Hotel Istanbul is just walking distance away from Taksim square, Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Center, Military Museum, Nisantasi (the most in vogue district of Istanbul) and 3 minutes away from the largest shopping malls in Istanbul by subway. Osmanbey subway station is right next to our hotel allowing quick access to areas such as Old City and the Grand Bazaar by 8 minutes with subway and 38 km away from istanbul airport Regard Hotel Istanbul has 59 luxurious and 1 suite and 1 family room modern style guestrooms that offers high level of comfort for our guests.

All areas of the hotel including all of our guestrooms and chinese restaurant are fully equipped with the most up to date technologies such as the customizable air conditioning system, satellite connection, LED televisions and free internet WIFI. Regard Hotel Istanbul offers a whole range of delicious meals at the in-house restaurant at the entrance floor of the hotel.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How safe is medical tourism?

    Medical tourism is a dynamically growing and developing sector of the world economy. Thanks to many years of practice, medical organizations have developed an optimal procedure for actions and taken into account the main errors. Quality control of the services of such institutions is provided by an international certification system. In addition, clinics undergo a mandatory state licensing procedure. Millions of clients receive high-quality medical services abroad every year. For example, about a million foreigners were treated in Turkey in 2020.

  • Why is medical care cheaper in Turkey?

    The country has one of the most developed and modern healthcare systems. The state provides full-fledged financing and monitors the constant modernization of infrastructure. In addition, Turkey`s favorable geographical location allows it to attract paying customers from the EU and CIS countries. Therefore, it is possible to compensate for the low prices for treatment due to the stable flow of a large number of patients.

  • Do I need medical insurance to travel abroad?

    No. Insurance can be used as a safety cushion in case of emergencies, but medical tourism does not involve it.

  • Is it possible to combine the useful with the pleasant, for example, treatment with a trip to Turkey?

    Absolutely! It would be unwise to be on the territory of a well-known resort and not take advantage of the opportunity for a pleasant vacation. In addition, Turkey is an interesting country for lovers of architecture, history and age-old culture. But don`t forget that excessive loads, intense exposure to the sun and long trips can interfere with the recovery of the body. Therefore, active rest can be part of the preparation for surgical procedures, but in no case be transferred to the postoperative period.

  • How will the situation with COVID-19 affect my plans in Turkey?

    On the territory of Turkey, it is required to wear protective masks, a monetary fine is provided for their absence. Entertainment events end at midnight, and cafes, restaurants, cinemas and similar places are open all the time. When crossing the border, you should provide a certificate in English, if any. Unvaccinated tourists provide a negative PCR test done 72 hours before arrival or an express antigen test (48 hours). After that, they can move freely around the country.

  • What additional costs can I incur?

    All the joys of a vacation in Turkey are available to our clients. At the same time, the costs of hotel accommodation, hospital stay, as well as transfers are included. Travel around the country, excursions, visits to restaurants and many other entertainments are paid for from the patient`s personal funds. You should plan your actions in advance and calculate the amount of additional expenses.

  • What documents do I need for travel?

    To enter the territory without problems, you must prepare the following documents:

    • International passport;
    • Passport of a citizen of your country (optional);
    • Insurance policy (optional);
    • Proof of solvency – at least $ 300 per person;
    • Contract for the provision of services;
    • Return ticket;
    • PCR test (vaccination certificate or antigen test).

    In addition, the clinic`s doctors may need medical histories, early consultations, X-rays, test results and other medical data.

  • Is the PST Clinic in Istanbul a licensed clinic?

    Yes! Ensuring a high level of service quality is a priority for us. Thanks to modern methods of organizing the workspace, constant modernization of equipment and retraining of doctors, the clinic is steadily undergoing the licensing procedure.

  • What does JCI accreditation mean?

    Joint Commission International is an international joint commission that deals with the accreditation of medical organizations. It was created to control the quality of work of medical institutions, as well as to stimulate them to continuous improvement. Only organizations that fully meet all the requirements of the commission and have themselves come up with such an initiative can pass a thorough check. The presence of JCI accreditation confirms the clinic`s compliance with international standards.

  • What services are included in the price?

    Recreational infrastructure and logistics are well developed in Turkey. Due to this, when medical tours are organized, not only the expenses of clients for operations and subsequent recovery are taken into account, but also accommodation in comfortable hotels and transfers between the airport, clinic and hotel.

  • Can the cost of treatment change already during your stay in the clinic?

    No! Clients receive a full range of services prescribed in the contract and paid for. Regardless of currency fluctuations, changes in the political situation and other external factors, the clinic fulfills its obligations in full. This is important for the preservation of reputation and further business development.

  • Who, besides the doctor, will deal with the patient in the clinic to solve various issues and problems that arise during the stay in another country?

    An individual approach to each person is the most important component of modern service. That is why, a manager will be engaged in the organization of accommodation, everyday life and treatment of the patient. Creating comfortable conditions for the client is his main task. The manager can be contacted at any time for help or advice.

  • What should I discuss with my doctor before surgery?

    Consultation is an important part of the preparation for surgery. It is necessary to inform the doctor about the presence of serious diseases (including chronic ones) that may complicate the operation. It is necessary to specify in advance the procedure of preoperative preparation, as well as the terms and conditions of rehabilitation. The specialist is able to answer questions about the specifics of the operational process, the degree of danger of certain actions, the type of anesthesia used in a particular case. In addition, having studied the individual characteristics of the patient, the doctor will be able to give advice or warn against mistakes during recovery.

  • Are the results guaranteed after the operation?

    The passage of all necessary rehabilitation procedures, attentive attitude to your own health during the postoperative period, compliance with the restrictive requirements of the doctor and compliance with the terms of rehabilitation is a guarantee of obtaining the desired results. At the same time, each person`s body differs in a number of individual characteristics. Therefore, no one is immune from minor side effects that can be corrected on the spot, but we will do everything possible to make you completely satisfied with the result.

  • Can I get a discount on the second procedure or an individual offer?

    Sure. The clinic takes care of its clients and is always ready to offer the best conditions. In addition, several operations are sometimes necessary to achieve optimal results. With a personal request, you can discuss and make a comfortable schedule of medical procedures and an acceptable cost of services.