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Types of surgical operations to create a perfect chin


Modern plastic surgery techniques allow you to get a perfect chin. It can not only be reduced, but also increased. Each method has certain features. The choice depends on the desired end result from the procedure.

How are chin correction operations performed for different face shapes


Unsuccessfully protruding or sunken chin gives the impression that a person is upset or psychologically depressed. In chin tightening surgery, there are methods to correct this flaw.

Chin plastic surgery is a decisive step towards an ideal appearance


Chin plastic surgery – the main causes and ways to correct an unsuccessful shape. Is it possible to change the shape of the chin without resorting to the services of a plastic surgeon?

Operations and alcohol: why you can`t drink before surgery

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery and alcohol are incompatible. Before and after the operation, you should give up alcohol so as not to get negative consequences from the body.

Plastic Surgery: Top 10 popular myths

Plastic Surgery

There are many myths associated with plastic surgery. Most of them have long lost their relevance, but they continue to scare patients away.

Useless and effective ways to get rid of overhanging eyelids

Plastic Surgery

There are various methods of getting rid of overhanging eyelids. There are effective and ineffective methods. Let`s analyze each of them.