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Male implants. Their types and features of implementation

Plastic Surgery

Implants are popular among both women and men. Their installation has a number of features, indications and contraindications.

Medical tourism in Turkey: how to rest and heal?

Plastic Surgery

Turkey has long been one of the most popular countries for health tourism. The high quality of services and low prices have won the trust of millions of patients.

Stretch marks on the body what is it and how to get rid of them

Plastic Surgery

Stretch marks are scars on the body resulting from the rupture of connective tissue. You can get rid of them by surgical and cosmetic methods. The appropriate method is selected individually.

Pleasant with useful: medical tourism abroad

Plastic Surgery

Medical tourism is not just entertainment, but an opportunity to improve your health. But it`s not easy to combine business with pleasure: you need to know the nuances and features of such a holiday.

Plastic surgery: which areas are popular in the world

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery helps to cope with various external flaws. Some of its directions are particularly popular. The specifics of each procedure allow you to better understand how they go.

SMAS-lifting – how to get rid of wrinkles without surgery?


What is SMAS-lifting, and why is it better than plastic surgery? Who can resort to this procedure, and how long will the effect last after it?