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Myths about hair transplantation or what prevents you from deciding on the procedure

Hair Transplant

Myths about hair transplant surgery: price, nuances, common misconceptions. How safe is it to do budget procedures, what determines the result, whether it is possible to entrust the work to a cosmetologist and other answers.

Baldness in men: why it happens?

Hair Transplant

Most men suffer from baldness to varying degrees. This may be due to genes, nutrition, etc. There are a number of myths that continue to be believed.

Hair transplantation is the only method to combat baldness

Hair Transplant

In which cases it is worth turning to a hair transplant, the main indications and restrictions on the procedure, the specifics of the operation and the rehabilitation period

How to care for your hair after a transplant

Hair Transplant

Rehabilitation after a hair transplant includes several important points. It is necessary to know how to become, wash your hair and eat. What you must definitely give up so that the recovery is quick and painless.

Cigarettes and alcohol are not recommended before and after hair transplantation

Hair Transplant

How alcohol and cigarettes affect transplanted hair before and after surgery. Why it is important to refrain from bad habits in order to maintain healthy and beautiful hair.

How to fix the situation if the hair transplant was unsuccessful?

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is very popular today, because it allows you to get rid of baldness. The price of hair transplantation on the head for men and women does not differ.