The 6 most common myths about blepharoplasty

Circular blepharoplasty is a special surgical procedure aimed at correcting the lower and upper eyelids. The main purpose of this procedure is the lifting effect, which makes the overall appearance of the face more youthful and fresh. The doctor removes certain areas of the skin, fat layers.

Men and women aged 40 to 60 years who want to give their face youth resort to this operation. Blepharoplasty really allows you to effectively eliminate such defects. Thanks to the removal of excess skin and tightening, the look becomes more open and youthful, as well as without obvious wrinkles.

There are also 2 methods of performing blepharoplasty, both of them are surgical: using a laser and a scalpel. The most common practice is laser, since there are no actual scars after upper and lower eyelid surgery, rapid recovery and a low risk of inflammation. The price for each method is different.

Below you will find the most incorrect opinions about blepharoplasty that most people are baffled by. And if you want to know only the truth about the procedure, then this article is exactly for you.