Don`t like own breast It is fixable! Trends 2021-2022

There are wonderful clinics in Turkey where high-quality mammoplasty is done. The current trend is the use of innovative, minimally invasive technologies when correcting the size and shape of the breast. Breast plastic surgery Turkey will cost a maximum of $ 5,000 if the operation is performed in the capital`s multidisciplinary center of Istanbul and use the full package of accompanying services. Including - hospitalization after surgery recovery Hotel rooms providing comfort during the recovery process.

But in the small regions of Turkey there are no less worthy medical facilities, where the price for breast implants starts at $ 2.2 thousand. The same democratic price tags are in private clinics. There is nothing to dream of such price tags in Western Europe or the USA. Considering the almost identical quality of the result, operations in Turkey have an undeniable competitive advantage.