Initial consultation with a doctor before mammoplasty

Mammoplasty is an operation, the main purpose of which is lifting, as well as changing the shape and size of the breast. In the case of a sagging gland, excess skin and glandular tissue located under it are removed. A procedure is performed to give an aesthetically beautiful and harmonious appearance of the female breast.

Indications for conducting are:

  • Breast stretching and sagging
  • Breast sagging too much down (ptosis)
  • Elimination of defects after removal of a cancerous tumor in the breast
  • Excessively large breasts (macromastia)
  • Micromastia - small breast size

Also, the operation may sometimes be required for men. Namely, to reduce the male mammary gland with gynecomastia (breast augmentation with hypertrophy of the glands and adipose tissue). It can be carried out both for aesthetic transformation and for diseases.